2015 completed projects

A mobility test bed project that included development of 48V (45kW, 286Nm) permanent magnet motor and high frequency induction motor, integrated with range extender and solar charger on a 4x4 electric vehicle.

Powermote Drive Systems - Project 4x4 Utility Vehicle


University of Stellenbosch and MellowCabs - Battery Management Systems, Chargers and Electrical Drive
A local value-added technology development of 48V Battery Management System, 1.5kW AC Charger and 5kW Brushless DC motor controller for the MellowCab.
MLT Inverters - Karoo70 for Second-Life Electric Vehicle Batteries

Hardware and Software development for the MLT Karoo70 hybrid inverter for use cases with high-voltage, CAN bus enabled, electric vehicle battery packs within second-life.


EWIZZ - Development of Core EV Management System
Hardware and Software development of an onboard system that monitors, integrates and manages local EV system components, with cloud server application for timely analysis, alerting and reporting.






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