2015/16 completed projects

MLT Inverters – High voltage hybrid inverter for integration of second life EV battery packs
An MLT Karoo70 hybrid inverter was upgraded to operate on a high voltage lithium-ion battery of an electric vehicle to provide for integration of electric vehicle battery packs within stationary storage applications once in ‘second life’. The inverter communicates via CAN bus directly to the battery pack management system via CAN bus. Through the Human Machine Interface (HMI) and internet-based MLT portal the following is achieved, distribution upgrade deferral (peak shaving), Time-of-Use energy trading and renewable integration capability (efficient use of PV where PV & load profiles are not aligned).
PowerMote  – Integrated hybrid electrical drive system
The integrated hybrid electrical drive system for a 4x4 vehicle application was scoped for typical rough terrain applications for the mining and safari industry. A low cost solution of 48VDC bus system will allows ease of integration into solar charging of the battery pack via roof top solar panels on the vehicle, or by plugging into an existing solar array network. The hybrid generator alleviates range anxiety and allows for use in emergency.