2014/15 completed projects

University of Western Cape - Mining Vehicle Battery Pack
A 14kWh integrated battery pack battery pack was developed by the Energy Storage Innovation Lab (ESIL) for development work.The purpose of this kick-start project is to validate the BMS and cell integration technology by building a prototype lithium-ion battery pack for benchmarking and integration into a vehicle application using suitable lithium-ion cells and BMS.
GridCars - OCPP Charge Point and Server
The Electric Vehicle Charge Point (CP) technology from GridCars was advanced to the compliance expected by the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Alliance (EVIA). The CP’s communications systems need to comply with the international standard, Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP). The project completed the implementation of the OCPP system on the GridCars CP.
PowerMote - UTE E-Mobility
The Powermote Synram Drive System is a revolutionary power solution reluctance motor and power electronics controller. The project included advancement of technology by intelligently managing its operation and efficiency to build into a drive system for energy efficient vehicle platforms.