Field Testing Programme

Nissan Leaf


Project partners: Nissan South Africa

As part of the demonstration programme, uYilo has partnered with Nissan South Africa to use one of its EV models, the Leaf, as part of a field testing programme. The vehicles is utilized to determine user patterns, usage modes and energy cycles. It is not intent of the programme to modify the vehicle systems in any way, but to use it as tool to facilitate the development of other technologies.  The deployment of these platforms will service to identify technology gaps, test new business models and eliminate interoperability issues between eco-system components. Emphasis will be placed on creating credible data that can be used for marketing purposes and to create awareness of e-mobility as a viable alternative.

Objectives include:

  • Create awareness and demonstrate the existing e-mobility technology;
  • Create an environment where new technologies and business models can validated;
  • Collect credible vehicle usage data for further analyses;
  • Determine compatibility of ecosystem elements;
  • Identify the gaps for future technology development;