Anti-poaching mobility vehicles

Project partners: Imperial Green Mobility, Shamwari Game Reserve, Tracker, Powertech Batteries

Description: The Tomberlin Vanish Electric 4x4 ATV is equipped with an AC-Induction Motor powered off a 48V lead-acid battery pack. The estimated top speed is 40km/h with 3 different operating modes, Low, Max Range, and High Speed.

Deliverables: The aim of the project is to demonstrate the use of an electric vehicle as part of safari mobility operations. Electric vehicle platforms provided by Imperial Green Mobility are hosted at Shamwari Game Reserve for use in their Rhino anti-poaching programme. The intent is to create awareness, test performance of EVs in different roles and determine the feasibly of e-Mobility for safari industry.

Objectives include:

  • Generate data to create business case for further deployment of electric vehicles;
  • Confirm feasibility of off-grid mobility for safari industries;
  • Identify areas of improvement;
  • Create an awareness of e-Mobility;