Smart Grid Ecosystem

This Live Testing Environment provides a platform for the Electric Vehicle EcoSystem to facilitate universal connectivity between electric vehicles and supportive smart grid infrastructure. The facility supports the demonstration and testing of electric vehicle fleets, and provides the enabling environment of supporting infrastructure technologies to aid in the advancement of technologies to expand their market applications. The facility provides valuable insight into electric vehicle usage profiles and associated energy requirements, while providing valuable information for vehicle manufacturers, utility and energy companies to further optimize energy management as a whole.

The smart grid infrastructure consists of the various electric vehicle ecosystem elements such as electric vehicles, a mix of AC charge points, DC fast chargers and Vehicle-to-Grid system and supporting information communication systems. Renewable energy is incorporated to supply the 128kW capacity charger network and is dynamically controlled through an autonomous Energy Management System for energy efficiency during each charging event. Energy storage is achieved through repurposed electric vehicle battery packs serving as ‘second life’ within stationary application. The network management system is aligned to global smart grid protocols in order to support future innovative developments. The facility allows demonstration and pilot pof technologies that will provide critical data towards shaping the future energy ecosystem for smart grids.