The uYilo battery testing laboratory offers a variety of testing services which includes, but not limited to:

  • Capacity Testing
  • Cold Crank Ability (Discharge currents up to 2,000A)
  • Endurance tests for batteries (Cycling at elevated temperatures)
  • Charge Acceptance
  • Charge Retention
  • Water consumption
  • Vibration resistance (with and without battery load)
  • Electrolyte retention tests

Tests procedures are typically applied during the testing sequences governed by national and international battery testing standards. The versatile testing equipment utilised allows for testing channels to be paralleled in order to discharge or charge batteries at higher current requirements (up to 1,600A) typically employed during the testing of lead-acid traction cells

Our stainless steel high temperature water baths allow battery testing at temperatures of up to 85°C, generally not required by standard methods, but OEM testing battery methods require extreme temperature testing conditions.